Seth Andrews prepare rest day department (TTA Podcast 337)

negative…these aren’t the fable you’lay on used to audit at rest day Sermon.

These are fable which are generally skipped more, avooverlook, or excused, lest they relay Christians into a tailor of chief-scratching, guffaws and gasps.

Let us shot The accessible copy. (And if you include honesty of, schism that installment with your principled box and classmate. They’ll embrace drawing magnitude!)

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20 Replies to “Seth Andrews prepare rest day department (TTA Podcast 337)”

  1. Oh yea, god knows everything alright. Except for when certain fruits are in season, the actual shape of the earth, that germs cause disease and not demons, and whole bunch of other stuff that today’s scientists can tell us exists

  2. "Violent Bible Rap" by DanBull and boyinaband makes use of a lot of these versus. Its A horrorcore-rap, I guess but every word in it is directly from the bible. Its worth a look and they cite all the versus they use.

  3. Seth I love you. I recently became atheist, Raised 7th day Adventist. You and the trinity are so on point, so good, it blows me away. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for raising my awarness.

  4. If god won’t allow any man into his temple who has “damaged testicles” or any mutilation or deformity, how does that square with being circumcised?

  5. If I was God and in the position of saving them and then feeding them and them still bitching to me yeah I turn around a b** slap them to telling them they're ungrateful little s****. However God is supposed to be better than me so I would assume that God would have a lot better attitude towards that. I do not know the ways of the Lord and I do not pretend to. I love your videos by the way they're the greatest

  6. 58:00 GOD KILLED The two for mixed racial fucking BECAUSE HE DID NOT WANT HIS JEWS ASSIMILATING with these heathen, and worshiping their god Baal, you stupid FUCKER!! No interbreeding between two races? What about Moses' sister Miriam and brother Aaron bitching about Moses's marrying the ETHIOPIAN woman; AND GOD CURSED MIRIAM WITH LEPROSY for that shit!? Why did God curse the WOMAN, and not the brother too?

    Fucking misogynistic Bitch.

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