line upward and enjoyment – Amy Poehler clarify “Philly due mechanism”

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assume commissioner Amy Poehler (Leslie Knope) clarify how an on-make depiction inspired an elaborate slice in that several part pretended they were assume in a charter melodrama authorize “Philly due mechanism.” They’ve feature a perfect universe about the phony line.

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  1. hahaha "it's on after Joan of Arcadia"…that's such a niche thing to say. Love it and love this whole thing.

  2. Can we get an SNL skit of Philly Justice, or like an hour and a half TV special, or a movie? Please? With promos for it where Paul Rudd talks about what a great show it is and how he's so happy for everyone (when clearly he isn't?)

  3. when Parks and Rec finishes its run…they should really create Philly Justice. They have character names already!

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